Wholesale rapid instant test kits

Wholesale DOA rapid instant drug of abuse test kits

Wholesale Drug of Abuse (DOA) test kits - Alcohol Test Kits, Amphetamine Test Kits, Barbiturate Test Kits, Benzodiazepine Test Kits, Buprenorphine Test Kits, Clonzepam Test Kits, Cocaine Test Kits, Cotinine (nicotine), EDDP Test Kits, Fentanyl Test Kits, Ketamine Test Kits, Marijuana Test Kits, MDMA Test Kits, Methadone Test Kits, Methamphetamine Test Kits, Methylphenidate (Ritalin) Test Kits, Opiate Test Kits, Opiate 2000 Test Kits, Oxycodone Test Kits, Phencyclidine Test Kits, Propoxyphene Test Kits, Tricyclic antidepressant Test Kits.Contact us


Wholesale rapid instant test kits — 6 Comments

  1. I am interested in wholesale purchases of the HIV home test kits and would like contact information. I have a distribution company and would like to be an exclusive distributor of your product for the Caribbean. I shall be grateful for your urgent response.

    • Please contact the sales department on our contact page with details of what you wish to purchase including quantities.

      Wholesale orders require a company / organization purchase order. Please indicate your choice of carrier. New wholesale client orders require cleared bank funds for the full value of the order prior to shipping.

      Thank you for considering Home Kit Biotech.

  2. hi
    Can you adivse me if I will be able to purchase 200 dengue IgG/IgM combo kits, how to go about paying for these, the cost and also can you advise on expiry dates?

  3. Hi
    I am Tropical Diseases Nurse who is planning to set up a Rapid Test Centre in Sierra Leone in the Rural towns wwhere access to diagnosis and tretament is almost impossible. Do you have consession prices for charity organisations in developing countries

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