HIV Home Kit rapid HIV instant test kits products catalogue

Welcome to HIV Home Kit’s rapid test kit product catalogue

Below find the range of HIV Home Kit rapid HIV test kits, rapid syphilis test kits, rapid hepatitis test kits, rapid malaria test kits, rapid dengue test kits, rapid prostate test kits, rapid rickettsia test kits / rapid typhus test kits, rapid home medical test kits for travelers, and DOA Drug of Abuse instant test kits – instant narcotics test kits for industry.

All HIV Home Kit rapid medical test kits are manufactured from the highest quality materials available, are internationally certified and sold with an easy to understand warranty.

Thank you for considering Home Kit Biotech, HIV Home Kits

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Special NGO/ NFP prices available to verified NGOs/ NFPs. Contact us

HIV Home Kit DOA Drug of Abuse rapid drug test kits for industry

Home Kit Biotech's range of CE marked DOA Drug of abuse rapid test kits for industry includes rapid DOA test cups, rapid DOA dip tests and rapid DOA test cassettesSelect from the following rapid HIV Home Kit DOA Drug of Abuse – instant narcotics tests:

Alcohol Test Kits | Amphetamine Test Kits | Barbiturate Test Kits | Benzodiazepine Test Kits | Buprenorphine Test Kits | Clonzepam Test Kits | Cocaine Test Kits | Cotinine (nicotine) Test Kits | EDDP Test Kits | Fentanyl Test Kits | Ketamine Test Kits | Marijuana Test Kits | MDMA Test Kits | Methadone Test Kits | Methamphetamine Test Kits | Methylphenidate (Ritalin) Test Kits | Opiate Test Kits | Opiate 2000 Test Kits | Oxycodone Test Kits | Phencyclidine Test Kits | Propoxyphene Test Kits | Tricyclic antidepressant Test Kits.

Minimum order quantity: 500 pieces of each test. Special NGO/ NFP prices available to verified NGOs/ NFPs. Contact us

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