HIV Home Kit Disclaimer

A HIV Home Kit tropical and infectious disease rapid test kit disclaimer

Home Kit Biotech’s HIV Home Kit rapid home HIV instant test kits, rapid syphilis test kits, hepatitis rapid test kits, rapid malaria test kits,  dengue instant test kits, rapid prostate test kits, Drug of Abuse DOA  drug test kits and rapid rikettsia test kits, are extremely accurate screening tests and manufactured using the the finest immunochromatography in vitro detection technology methods available.

A Home Kit Biotech HIV Home Kit test that returns a positive result should be repeated immediately, by using another HIV Home Kit rapid infectious or tropical disease test, or one from another supplier.

A second rapid infectious or tropical disease test that returns a positive result should not be considered infallible or used to diagnose a medical condition, but rather should be followed up with a health care professional for additional diagnostic testing, after which a definitive diagnosis can be made after all laboratory and clinical findings have been evaluated.